Resealable Packaging

PPC Reclosable Packaging’s Process, Step by Step

Flexible Packaging Films

Flexible Packaging Films

PPC Reclosable Packaging uses a variety of flexible packaging films to create resealable packaging and lidding films perfectly matched to the product requirements. Commonly used films include heat sealable polyesters, polypropylenes, metalized films and foils selected to ensure efficient sealing and outstanding product shelf life.

We have extensive experience in processing materials for personal care and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and industrial markets and can assist with all aspects of package design and material selection and validation as well as performing toll converting services for flexible packaging suppliers.

Our Die Cutting and Labeling lines can process web widths from 1.5″ to 23.6″ and can die cut in multiple locations and affix multiple labels to a single web to maximize process efficiencies.

Our facility is AIB certified and our quality systems ensure our customers of complete lot traceability and control of all film components used throughout our manufacturing processes.

Resealable Package Labeling

Affixing the Label to Create a Resealable Opening

PPC Reclosable Packaging applies labels to the film web to act as a resealable lid on the product package. The labels are produced with films, adhesives and finishes to deliver the desired barrier and structural properties for the finished package.  Films and labels deliver outstanding seal performance and easy package opening and closing. This type of pouch is outstanding for cleansing wipes, make up removers, and convenience packaged fruits, vegetables, nuts and confections.  Materials can be produced in both roll form or as individual pouches.

PPC Reclosable Packaging has the capability to apply up to four sealing labels at one time and can also apply additional decorative or informational labels with precise registration to create tamper-evident and sterilized marking systems on the finished product.

We can apply labels sizes up to 7″ wide by 24″ long in either simple pressure-sensitive or rigid structured lid designs. Our facility is AIB certified and our quality systems ensure our customers of complete lot traceability and control of all label components used throughout our manufacturing processes.

Precision Die Cutting for Resealable Packaging

Precision Die Cutting

To create the openings for easy product removal, PPC Reclosable Packaging die cuts the packaging film creating an opening shape and size optimized to the package contents. The entire area of the die cut (what we call a slug) stays as part of the package and is secured in place by the label applied directly above it. This improves the barrier properties of the package and delivers a packaging web or preformed pouch that is free of any loose materials.

PPC Reclosable Packaging has a proprietary die cutting process that prevents the cutting tool from contacting the label so the hermetic sealing properties of the package are not placed at risk. This is essential for consumer safety when filling processed meats and prepared foods with modified atmospheric packaging.

Additional applications for die cutting include adding venting features to allow products to breathe or to reduce pressure during microwave warming. We can often add these features in a single operation with our multiple die cutting capability.

Quality Flexible Packaging

Proven Quality Systems

All of PPC Reclosable Packaging’s Die Cutting and Labeling lines are equipped with inline vision systems and sensors to ensure accurate registration of film, labels and die cuts.  Upon request, we can produce materials with no missing labels and can mark bad impressions or splices in rolls with metallic indicators to improve filling efficiencies.

Our facility is AIB certified and our quality systems ensure our customers of complete lot traceability and control of all components used throughout our manufacturing processes.

Die Cut Film Rolls

Roll Goods With Die Cut Openings and Affixed Labels

The output of our process is film rolls with precise die cut openings with labels affixed to the web creating peel and resealable packages.  The rolls are ideal for horizontal fill (HFFS), vertical fill (VFFS) and thermoformed tray & lidding filling technologies.  If your process requires preformed pouches instead of film rolls, PPC Reclosable Packaging can also produce flat, stand up or even spouted pouches for you with the all the advantages of peel and reseal openings.

This package design is a proven success and PPC Reclosable Packaging has produced hundreds of millions of impressions for processed meats, wet and dry wipes, pharmaceutical and industrial customers.  Whether providing toll converting services for flexible packaging producers or full packaging solutions, PPC Reclosable Packaging offers full support services to assist with engineering, design and product testing.

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