PPC Reclosable Packaging manufactures of a wide array of pouch constructions including flat packs, stand up pouches, and spouted pouch designs. In partnering with PPC Reclosable Packaging, our customers benefit from our engineering expertise and design process to create the ideal flexible packaging for their products. Production of pouches can be challenging involving both graphic and technical design decisions.

PPC Reclosable Packaging assists our customers to define the technical specifications and overall requirements for the final product including material selection and pouch construction details. We take into account the goods being packed, functional requirements and barrier properties, packaging film/contents compatibility for taste and odor, overall durability, and the filling equipment specifications.

With over 40 years in the flexible packaging market and special expertise in producing pouches for hard to hold products, we have the experience to take a project from concept through prototyping to full production. Whether you are a flexible packaging converter looking for a pouching partner or a brand owner looking for a complete pouching solution, think of PPC Reclosable Packaging for pouches made on spec, on time, every time!

Stand Up Pouch

Pouch Designs

Pouch Styles

  • Flat Pouches with 2 or 3 Side Seals
  • Stand Up K Seal Pouches
  • Stand Up Doyen (Round Bottom) Pouches
  • Stand Up Spouted (Fitment) Pouches
    with Side or Top Positions
  • Roll Goods for Flow Wrap

Pouch Openings

  • Tear Notches & Tear Slits
  • Scoring or Perforating
  • Press & Seal Zippers
  • Die Cut Openings with
    Applied Peel & Seal Labels
  • Custom Applications

Features & Options

  • Hang Holes
  • Handles
  • Additional Label Appliques
  • Retort Materials
  • Round & Mitered Corners
  • Clear Windows
  • Folded or Inserted Gussets

Standard Pouch Spout Fitment

Fitment Options

Spouts or fitments are available in hundreds of designs and sizes to match almost any pouching application.  The automated process of inserting the fitments into the pouches requires tooling custom designed to match the dimensions of the fitment being inserted.  PPC Reclosable Packaging has a variety of stock fitments and tools on hand with more options being added on an ongoing basis.  Please contact us for the latest options and fitment selection.

Corner Screw Top Fitment

PPC Reclosable Packaging Stocked Fitments

10mm Screw Top Pouch FitmentMost Requested: 10mm with screw top cap applied. HDPE spout with white tamper evident cap, suitable for fresh or hot filled products in the food, cosmetic or industrial markets. Spout samples available upon request. No tooling charges!  Minimums may apply to different cap colors and styles.

8mm Fill Thru Screw Top Pouch Fitment8mm Fill Thru screw top fitment. Pouches provided with no cap on fitment enabling easy filling thru the spout opening. PE/PP materials. No tooling charges!  Various cap styles and colors are available but sold separately.

Fill Thru Capless Pouch FitmentFill Thru Capless fitment designed so the pouch stays closed prior, during and after filling for aseptic production. Designed to work with filling and dispensing systems. No tooling charges!

Other Custom Fitment Options

  • Tamper Evident
  • Child Friendly
  • Wide Mouth
  • Push Up Drink Caps
  • Flip Tops
  • Hanger Caps
  • Dual Level Openings
  • Twist and Cork
  • One Way Valve
  • Needle Spouts

Multiple colors, sizes and materials available for almost any package design.  Insertion tooling charges, minimum fitment order quantities, and longer lead times may apply. Contact PPC Reclosable Packaging for details.

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