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New Packaging Options in the Vegetable Section

Offering new convenience packaging options are catching on in the fresh vegetable aisle. From one time use tote bags to single serve containers sealed with easy opening films instead of trays, today’s consumers are looking to eat healthy and on the move.

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Changes In Consumer Perceptions

Research conducted by global research firm Mintel has found a change in consumer attitudes towards products using flexible packaging. Products using flexpack are now seen as modern and brands owners can benefit from an increasing consumer desire to extend shelf life and reduce food wasted in the home.

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Are Biodegradable Plastics Really A Sustainable Alternative?

Increasing consumer demand for sustainable alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastic has generated interest in plastic films that are recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.  The number of product options combined with the complexity of the waste stream lifecycle has created confusion for both brand owners and consumers alike especially when it comes to biodegradable materials.

The simple fact is that petroleum-based plastics are not biodegradable by current definitions however products can be produced and marketed as biodegradable via the use of additives that reduce the durability of plastic materials so they will fragment into smaller pieces so microorganisms can consume them.  However, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition has recently taken a clear position against the use of biodegrading additives in production of petroleum-based plastics.

The Coalition raises many concerns about the additives including their potential impact on the plastics recycling waste stream and the impact of the micro-litter created when the plastics break into smaller pieces.  They also point out that since plastics are not organic, biodegradation of these materials are not carbon neutral as the process will release green house gases into the environment.

The full recommendation is posted under the coalition’s website resources titled: “SPC Position Against Biodegradability Additives in Petroleum-Based Plastics